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11 December 2013
Making Self Storage A Simpler Aspect Of A House Removal Process
Making Self Storage A Simpler Aspect Of A House Removal Process
Storage space is a bit of a strange one. It seems like it should be simple enough, but the reality of the situation is that it is actually quite a large and complicated undertaking, due to the nature of that which people tend to put in self storage. Things being as large and cumbersome as they are tends to mean that it is difficult to get them moved with normal modes of transport, and therefore you need a man with a van. Also, with the sheer amount of stuff that you have, it is hard to gauge exactly how big a storage space you need, and where you should be booking your self storage comes down to differences in price as well as where you will be moving. So, a rough guide as to that which you should be looking out for when you move house and need to get stuff stored should be useful, and that is exactly what you have here...First off, think about how much you are putting into self storage. Larger units cost more money, which makes sense, so reduce the amount that you need to put away by chucking out or selling anything that you don’t absolutely need. In the event that you can really reduce your pile down, you should think about whether you actually need storage at all. If you do, make sure you look forward to when you will be getting them out of there, so that you know how much you will be spending, and whether it is worth all that money!Pile all of your things up against a corner, and pack them in tight, forming a cuboid of your stuff. Measure along the length, width and height of the cuboid, and multiply them together to find the volume of the whole. You will no doubt recognize that this volume does not have the same dimensions in all circumstances, so make a note of single items that are particularly large. When you are on the phone to the self storage place, ask about volumes to find a unit that will suit you, but also get the exact measurements, to see if your large items will be a problem. The same process goes for ensuring that your removal van, or man with a van hire is big enough as well. You should get a unit that is a little bigger than the volume of the load, so that you are completely sure that you have room to move about within the unit, and so that you can add smaller stuff if you need to. When you are thinking about location, be aware that units in built up areas will be cheaper than those in the countryside, and think about whether this affects you situation. You should get some quotes together, and think about when you will be visiting the unit. If a cheaper unit is ages away from you and you will be going to check on it a few times a year, the savings may be negated by the fuel costs. If you are not going to visit very often, then the opposite is the case, and you may make some savings!Look into alternative storage. Many people rent out spare rooms, garage and barns to those looking for ad hoc storage. If you can find it, these solutions are pretty cheap, but they may not offer the security or protection that a storage warehouse may. Barns and garages are susceptible to damp, and rodents so if your stored belongings are susceptible to such things, then you may need to be careful about that.