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17 April 2014
Moving in the Winter
Moving in the Winter
Moving home is not the easiest of things to do in life never mind during the winter months and with the winter’s getting gradually worse, here are some tips on moving during the winter months. 1.    If you are moving during the snow ensure that all paths and driveways are clear both in the property you are moving out of and also the property you into. By putting salt on the pathways and pavements will ensure that the people moving will have a firmer grip on the ground and a safer, sturdier footing whilst moving your goods. 2.    It may be a better idea to hire a team of professional mover during the winter months; they can take care of all your moving requirements in particular the carrying and loading and will probably have a better equip vehicles in dealing with harsh weather.  This will also save you the hassle of driving a larger vehicle, a van or truck that you may not be used to.  By moving in the winter months can actually have some benefits, if you do decide to hire a removal company, you can get some great deals, a business may be quitter at this time of year and don’t be afraid to ask for a discount, generally you will get one. 3.    Always have hot drinks on hand, there’s no better than a hot sugary tea,  coffee or hot chocolate to keep you going in the winter season, this will ensure that everyone will be more energetic  and warm during the move. 4.    Try using plastic boxes instead of the traditional cardboard boxes, using plastic boxes will enable a more weather restraint choice as they will be waterproof, has with cardboard boxes, theses can easily break if they get wet, plastic boxes are very versatile and can have numerous uses after your move, they are also stackable and can be purchased with lockable lids, ideal storage and moving solution for your household goods. 5.    If the weather is extremely cold it may be a good idea to put the heating on in your new home the night or morning before you move in, whilst there it is also advisable to check that the electricity is in good working order and also check the light bulbs, as we all know the dark night draw in early during the winter months. This will ensure that you are warm and have good lighting in your new home. 6.    Make sure you have a torch or candles at hand, in case of any power cuts due to bad winter weather; you will at least have some sort of light that will be manageable until the power is reinstated.7.    Ensure that you are up to date with your vehicles recovery policy, and of course inform them of your new address, generally vehicles will encounter problems during the winter months more than any other months during the year, there will be nothing worse than breaking down in the winter whilst moving home, so ensuring your policy beforehand is a must.8.    Finally make sure you have large pieces of plastic covers or cardboard boxes to cover any high traffic areas in your new home this will ensure that new carpets or floors do not get damaged or stained whilst moving in.

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