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27 February 2014
Packing By Yourself. Or Not?
Packing By Yourself. Or Not?
With all the varying difficulties surrounding the removals process, you will no doubt understand that there are a great many things that can go wrong when you are moving house. However, these issues are not going to be a problem if you prepare correctly against them, as you will be able to preempt the difficulties that you will be facing and ensure that they do not occur. One of the places where the move seems simple, though long winded is in the packing process. You will no doubt feel that the packing is a process that requires patience rather than any real thought, but this can be the start of a series of mistakes, as underestimating the packing can be a real problem in the long run! When you set out on planning your removal, you will no doubt understand that there are a great many issues that you are facing. For the larger problems like shifting the sheer volume of heavy furniture that there is in your home, you undoubtable will use the services of a removals company, so why do people force themselves to pack the house up themselves beforehand? Not many people can claim to be a packing expert, so why not leave it to the professionals? There may be an element of pride in the way, or an issue of not wanting to spend money unnecessarily, and these are all issues that are fairly put. However, the fact of the matter is, the problems that come with bad packing can be as expensive as the problems that come with not moving your heavier items properly - breakages, damage and even injury! It is worth considering a packing service for your removal, even if you feel like it is the sort of thing that you cannot afford, as some companies will include it as part of an extended removals package, which may well work out as being affordable in your circumstances!There is also the point of insurance. Like with everything, you will want to be covered as far as your valuables go, and with a removal, there is very little guarantee against breakages unless you have insurance on the items that are being moved. This insurance will rarely be available to you unless you are using a packing service from the same company, as otherwise the question of whose fault the damage is will not be easily answered! You will no doubt feel like this essentially forces you to spend extra on the packing service, but what kinds of costs are you risking by not using them and missing out on insurance? A slight slip and a broken television could set you back more than the insurance would have, so is it worth the risk? If you are dead set on packing yourself, ensure that you have the best possible chance of everything getting to the next property in one piece by packing well. Wrap breakables in tissue or a little bubble wrap and pack them neatly together, so that they do not move around too much in the boxes. The vibrations of the van as it moves will be just as dangerous as when the boxes are being carried, so protect them by filling the spaces within the boxes with tissue, so that nothing can be knocked in to them, causing damage. Labeling the boxes correctly is just as essential, as it will mean that the removals men know where to place the boxes in the van, ensuring that nothing is crushed or treated incorrectly!

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