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22 August 2014
Preparing Your Furniture And Appliances For Your Moving Day
Preparing Your Furniture And Appliances For Your Moving Day
If you’re moving house then you already have a lot of things to do, but did you know that taking the time to prepare your furniture and appliances before your move can save you a lot of effort, worry and stress? Here are some fantastic tips to help you to get your furniture and appliances ready for your move!1)    Measure your furniture.Lots of people struggle to get their furniture out of their rooms, down or upstairs and through their front doors, so save this happening to you on your moving day by measuring your furniture beforehand. Measuring your furniture means that you can plan the best ways to lift, carry and manoeuvre your items out of your home. Measuring will also give you an indication of what sort of a van size you’re going to need, which is incredibly useful if you’re hiring a van from a van rental or removal company. 2)    Disassemble your furniture.There are probably a few pieces of furniture in your home that can be disassembled, so have a look at what you own to see if you can dismantle anything in preparation for moving day. Dismantling furniture will take up less room in your removal vehicle and will also make furniture much easier to carry. If you do disassemble any pieces of your furniture make sure to keep all the screws, nails and fixings together. Try putting them into a sandwich bag or small plastic bag and tape this to an inconspicuous area of the piece, such as the underside. This will ensure that nothing is going to go missing when you move. 3)    Clean your appliances.Whether you’re moving small appliances like your toaster and kettle, or if you’re taking bigger items with you, you should ensure that everything has been thoroughly and properly cleaned. It’s easy for spills, drips, crumbs and grime to shift and move while your appliances are in transit, so if you want to avid messy clean-ups on moving day and if you want to keep your appliances safe while they’re travelling, take the time to give them a good and thorough wipe down! 4)    Find the right boxes for your small appliances.The best boxes for your small appliances are the ones that they came in. Original packaging is fantastic for your moving day, as the boxes have been specifically made to hold the weight of the item, meaning it’s much less likely to break. If you don’t have the original packaging then you can purchases boxes of all shapes and sizes from most removal companies and from online retailers as well. If you’re on a budget or a strict time frame then you can also use second hand boxes. These boxes can usually be sourced from your local shops and supermarkets, but you need to be aware that they have been used before. Reinforce any second hand boxes that you’re planning on using with packing tape, and always pay attention to the product that they used to contain, so that you can get an idea of whether or not they can hold the weight of your appliance. 5)    Getting your fridge and freezer ready.Your fridge and freezer can’t really be prepared for moving until the night before moving day. At this time you’ll need to empty, clean and unplug the appliances to allow them to defrost overnight. It’s a good idea to rent a moving dolly to carry appliances like these, as they should stay upright at all times to allow the cooling agents to stay in place.

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