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21 November 2014
Three Ideas When Choosing A Van For Your Home Removals
Three Ideas When Choosing A Van For Your Home Removals
Moving house is one of the most complicated things to do when you plan to live in a different city or maybe for a new job, or when kids move to study in a different school, etc. The reasons to relocate the home are numerous and it`s often a journey that`s unforgettable as well. From the packing of your items in different boxes with the exact shapes and via numerous protection tricks, to moving and lifting big heavy objects when loading in the moving van. After that comes the unloading process that`s as long and difficult as when loading the van, but in the opposite way. Or else, let`s take the choice of complimentary services from a man with a van company - you can take advantage of de-cluttering, sorting or recycling services if needed, or maybe you can take advantage of a discounted price if paying at once. There are so many things to consider when moving a house and undoubtedly - the choice of moving van for your home removals is one of the most important ones. Next are five highlights to put high on the agenda!1. The exact measurements are the best way to give a better orientation about the size and volume of the van needed. It means that you have to plan in advance the items that you want to move to your new home and make it at least several weeks before the move. Stroll through the rooms with a checklist in hand and note all the items that you want to move, as well as these that you want to get rid of. Note the measurements of the big furniture like wardrobes, shelves, cupboards, etc. Then, take the measurements of all other smaller items like TV`s, paintings, kitchen equipment and the clothes. When you know how big they really are - you will know which types of moving boxes you will need. From medium sized boxes to flat boxes for the windows and the paintings - there is a myriad of packages where to fit your items. Use extra wrappings, bubble wrappings, packaging tape and other materials to make them tight and secure in the boxes, and everything will get quite different dimensions. Take the exact measurements again, but this time of the boxes themselves. This will give you a better orientation of the volume of the van for the move and so it will be easier to choose the perfect van.2. For big home removals - it`s recommended to hire two or three man with a van. They can help you with the heavy lifting, as well as do the packaging, the loading and the unloading for you. They are professionals, who know best their vans and how to gone these yet difficult steps by the best and safest way. So, decide in advance whether a removal van with two or more movers is enough for the transportation of your belongings. On the other hand, renting just a van might be a better opt for small home removals or when doing everything by yourself.3. Find which removal companies in your region offer the best options for the service you need. Stroll through the sites of these companies and browse through the descriptions of the vans. Decide whether a van with a rear door is better for loading and loading your items or a van with a sliding side door is the better opt. Requesting quotes is the best way to get an offer and to decide which man with a van service to hire for the move.

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