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28 March 2014
Tips For Unpacking Your Living Room
Tips For Unpacking Your Living Room
Your living room isn’t one of the most essential rooms for you to unpack when you move into your new home, but when you are ready to unpack it there are plenty of ways to do it efficiently and easily. Here are just a few ideas to help you when it comes to unpacking your living room after a house move!1)    Start with your furniture.Put all of your furniture into position before you start to unpack. Your sofa, armchairs, coffee table, bookcases, television stand and anything else you might have should all be fully assembled and laid-out ready for you to start unpacking. If you aren’t sure how to lay out your living room then don’t start unpacking yet as it will just give you more to do in the long run.2)    Have all your boxes ready.Once your furniture is in place you’re almost ready to start unpacking. All of your living room boxes should be in the living room and ready for you to begin. Make sure there are no missing boxes and no boxes that have been mislaid or misplaced.3)    Soft furnishings.Curtains might not be essential items for you to unpack straight away, but they are going to provide you with privacy. If you want to turn your house into a home quickly and easily then putting up your curtains is advisable!4)    Unpacking your television and electrical items.The first items you unpack should be the biggest ones. For your living room this is probably your television and television accessories. Set these up, making sure that they’re secure on whatever surface you’re placing them on, before moving on to the rest of your living room boxes.5)    Unpacking the rest.Once your furniture, curtains and television are all in place you can work on unpacking any other boxes. You might have boxes of books, DVDs, videos, CDs, ornaments or decorative items to unpack next, and now is the time to do it. Try to make a home for everything, and if you’re lacking in space then consider alternative storage solutions. Purchase a larger bookcase, a television stand with storage or even shelving units to make your living room a better environment for all of your belongings.6)    Making your living room more homely.Your living room should be looking like it belongs to you now, but if you still feel as though it lacks a few finishing touches then why not see what you can do to help? Cushions, throws, wall art, photos and candles all make great living room accessories that can help to really tie a room together and make it your own. Try using floor lamps or table lamps as an alternative to harsh over-head lighting to create a nice mood and atmosphere, and stick to a colour theme to make your living room look as though it’s been decorated by a professional!7)    Saving space in your living room.Your living room can become cluttered very easily, so why not do everything in your power to prevent this? Use magazine racks, remote control holders, cupboards, shelves, foot rests with storage space and even drawers and cabinets to ensure that you have all of the room you could possibly need in your living room! If you have the right storage solutions in your new home then it’s going to be much easier to keep it clean and tidy!

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